Zero – Run 1

Zero is a story about a colony spaceship crew composed of humans and androids, with very few resources other than a functional ship to pilot to a New Eden.

It’s about regular people who suddenly wake up in the middle of an interstellar trip finding themselves in charge of the fate of thousands of people who are sleeping, as well as the seeds and genetic material to save at least a part of what once was Earth, their home.

We want to tell a story of both the excitement and hope of a new world, but also the desperation and sadness at the loss of Earth, its people, and the lives they left behind. They owe their chance of survival to a corporation that decided who deserved a ticket to the ship and who didn’t – and they need to come to terms with that.

Zero will also focus on interpersonal relationships and stories between relatives, friends, foes, or lovers.

The event is finished.


04 - 06 Mar 2023



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