Vampire Masquerade: Esbat

Cursed, hated, following their own path.
The Sabbat is coming – the timid whispers of their enemies satiate their egos with pride.
Masquerade? They don’t have time to play dress-up like this, why should they be ashamed of their appearance?
People? Funny, insignificant creatures, blood banks, and clumsy toys.
Only the Sabbat counts.
All that matters is their greatest mission – fighting the Antediluvians. Gehenna is already underway, but few believe in it.

Feel the drill


We invite you to the Esbat – a 3-day live-action game in a dark world where Sabbat leads their plans.

The game is also focused on developing your character’s identity and building the community your character belongs to.

We want to divide our story into 3 episodes, each of which will be a closed whole so that you can join it at any time.

16-19/01/2025 ENG edition
Location: Bałoszyce Palace, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship
Price: from 621 Euro – standard
from 565 Euro – early birds
10% discount for boundle with Evermist Society
(you can pay in installments)
(Tickets available at:
Sale dates: 25/03 -31/07 2024
Number of players: 40 – 64
It is possible to pay in installments, it is:
20% of the ticket price – until the 10th day from the date of ticket purchase on the website
40% of the ticket price – up to 6 months before the events
40% of the ticket price – up to 3 months before the eventsTriggers:

Violence, blood, discrimination, macabra, death, peopleHunting, bloodDrinking, corpse, tortures, macabreScenography, horror, beast, addictions, slavery..


16 - 19 Jan 2025


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