Valour Manor

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VALOUR MANOR is a larp that takes place in a modern day training academy for Superheroes in a world where having powers is highly regulated, frightening and dangerous. Inspired by The Boys and X Men, Valour Manor looks at corporate exploitation, chosen family and public relations while trying to get a licence to hold onto powers you barely control or understand.
Sign ups will remain open until the 7th JULY. It is important that you sign up since we will not be able to run this larp if we do not have enough participants expressing an interest.
If we are lucky enough to need to, we will run a lottery to allocate spaces at the larp. If you are given a space you will have the option to either pay for a ticket by the 31st JULY or make the initial payment for Reservation plans if you require a little support.
The larp will run from 1st to 4th of MAY 2025 at Ingestre Hall in Staffordshire UK. There are regular trains from London. Accommodation and meals will be provided as well as hospitality, welfare and support.
Character casting will be done later in the year and you will be asked what kind of role you want to play in this larp. The characters are kept in “Superhero Groups” of varying sizes and you will share a room with your group. You are invited to sign up with your friends for a shared experience and will be asked about this closer to the casting.
There is a Valour Manor Playlist that you can find on Spotify here to get into your alt rock 60s, 90s and 2020 vibes.


01 - 04 May 2025


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