Unnatural Allures – Run 2


22 – 24 Mar 2024

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Quelque part en Allemagne
John-F.-Kennedy-Platz, 10825 Berlin, Allemagne

Présentation du jeu

When the invitation arrived, you almost declined right away. After all, it was to a “Mummy Reveal Party” at a ridiculously remote country manor. In these modern times, at the turn of the 20th century, this whole idea sounds horribly old-fashioned – like something your grandparents might have attended in their younger years. And yet, you can’t help but feel intrigued – even more so when your peers wrote to you they had received the same mysterious invitation and were equally perplexed but willing to indulge. The scent of marvellous intrigue is hanging over the entire affair. You could not dare to miss the spectacle – could you?

Scandal awaits …

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Run 1: March, 18 – 20, 2024

Run 2: March, 22 – 24, 2024

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Equipe Orga