Together At Last – Opus 1


04 – 06 Feb 2022

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La Ravauderie – La Celle-Condé
La Ravauderie, 18160 La Celle-Condé, Cher, France

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Together At Last is the in-person version of the online larp Together Forever, and is also set in a world where extreme social distancing has been the norm for more than four decades. However, a major research breakthrough has recently occured: a once-per-lifetime jab allowing you to safely meet other people in person for a limited period of time. The Department of Marriage has decided to use this technology to enhance the Together Forever programme, for the first time enabling its participants to actually meet in the flesh their computer-assigned romantic partners.

During the new, experimental variant of the Together Forever programme, called Together At Last, you will receive this jab and enter a sterilised, domed facility together with a cohort of other bachelors and bachelorettes. There, a machine learning algorithm will set up a sequence of romantic relationships for you, of various durations and with a diverse selection of partners. This will give your cortical implant enough data about your personality and preferences — sometimes things that even you don’t know about yourself — to enable the system to find your Forever Match, who will then become your permanent life companion. With a 99.5% success rate, the Together At Last programme is your best and only chance at true marital bliss.

Ever so slightly awkward romance with a dash of black comedy. We took inspiration from real life and made Hang the DJ even more dystopian by setting it against a backdrop of social isolation!

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The intended tone of the game is mildly absurdist relationship drama. It is a story about attempting to have romantic relationships with a variety of people, some better suited to you than others, about growing as a person and looking for true love, whatever that means. It is not intended to be “misery porn”, though there may be some difficult themes in the character backstories.

Playing on romance is the main theme of the larp, with personal growth and self-discovery being a secondary theme. Don’t worry if you have the common concern “what if no-one will want to play romance with me?” : the larp design ensures everyone will get the experience they want.

Both the setting and the design of the larp are queer-friendly — while enforced monogamy is a theme of the larp, heteronormativity definitely isn’t!

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Practicalities & Sign-up
You can learn more about the schedule, location, sign-up process and other practicalities on the Practicalities page.

The sign-up to Together At Last is currently open and will close at 23:59 BST on Friday, 1 October. It is NOT first-come-first-serve. To sign up, fill out this form.


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