The Witcher: Dawn at Kaer Seren


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04 – 07 Apr 2024

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Youth Hostel Mariastein Rotberg Castle
Schloss Rotberg

Présentation du jeu

The year is 1235. Humans of the Northern Kingdoms and the Nilfgaardian Empire have been at relative peace for the past generation. Fergus var Emreis (Emhyr’s father) is the Emperor of Nilfgaard, and Radovid IV reigns over Redania. Lara Dorren’s death took place 93 years ago and the war that followed instilled racial tension between humans and elves that continues on till this day.  ​  

Sorceress Triss Merigold has called for a council of the northern rulers, which brought their nobles and advisors to Kaer Seren, the Griffin Witchers Castle, to discuss a somber prophecy that has come to light and which may threaten the very fabric of society. Word of the gathering has spread across the entire Continent, so it is not surprising that it will attract a variety of individuals trying to influence the negotiations in their favor. Soon it may dawn on the hosts that they have bitten off more than they can chew in their efforts to ensure peace.

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