The Portents 2024 – Run 2

Have you ever watched a fantasy film and noticed the evil necromancers really missed a trick? Or a Disney film and thought the baddies really had all the best outfits? Do you find yourself wishing for the camaraderie of the shambling undead horde? Then we may have the game for you!
In The Portents, you take on the role of a member of a warband taking advantage of the thinning of the veil between worlds, sent to harvest Fear from the unsuspecting villagers of Heinoa – a valuable resource used by the sorcerers and cultists of your homeland.


The Portents is a dark fantasy LARP game where you, the players, will play the “villains” in a medieval fantasy world with inspiration taken from the Witcher, Dungeons and Dragons, Monsters Inc, Overlord and The Brothers Grimm.

Take the unique opportunity to play the “Bad Guys” who must act as unified members of the Portents, a Warband venturing into new territory to expand their nation’s influence and power. Take part in or support raids to gather resources and Harvest the power source Fear from towns and Villages of the Kingdom of Hienoa.

This game will be a highly immersive PvE experience that gives high levels of player freedom to be the villain or monster you have always dreamed of playing.

The main objective of this game is to harvest the Fear from the NPC villagers and heroes which can be done in a variety of ways – so although this is a high combat game, combat is not necessary in most scenes, this is your horror story after all. Fear is used as a resource for cultists to use to further the goals of the warband, resurrect the fallen, reanimate the dead, bind entities back and bring out the monsters within the cursed.

Taking massive gore-filled buckets of inspiration from EYELarp’s FilmSim style games, we are encouraging high production values and will be striving for a cinematic feel and look at everything we do. This will be a low-call high-immersion game so react to everything and don’t expect a specific reaction.


08 - 10 Nov 2024


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