The Order of Whispers – Consecration of Time

The Order of Whispers – Consecration of Time
Date: 7th-10th of March 2024
Location: Haus Schnede, near Hamburg, Germany
Ticket Prices: Subsidised 300€; Normal 400€; Supporter 450€
– 40 Spots available; Ticket lottery –

The Order of Whispers – Consecration of Time is a Nordic-style LARP by Locket Larp about individuals being a part of an organisation inspired by the concepts and topics of the Netflix series Dark, the “TVA” (“The Time Variance Authority”) from Marvel’s Loki series and the “Temps Commission” from the Netflix Series Umbrella Academy.

It is time for a new generation of time and dimension travelling Agents to step into their fate. All of the Greenhorns have passed all of their exams – now only the division is left. The Bureaus of the Order of Whispers need their new recruits to fit their specialities, so the most important members of the five branches have been invited by the founding families to celebrate, get to know each other better and divide the Greenhorns into their Bureaus.
But this ceremony known as the Consecration of Time will be interrupted by the members’ past selves catching up to them…

A timeless adventure with deep emotions, personal drama and an overarching morally challenging plot awaits. Be ready to face your past, present and future at the same time. Dive head first into a weekend inside a time loop, that will determine the future of more than just the Bureaus…

– Sydney and Star

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07 - 10 Mar 2024


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