The Northcott Gala 2 – A Rekindling Carol

Finally, it is almost time to sign up for the christmas event of the decade! James and Regan Northcott are inviting all of the wealthiest witchards with the most impressive magical heritage to their holiday home for a celebrations full of cheer and bliss and facing your own demons.
Sign-Ups for “The Northcott Gala 2 – A Rekindling Carol” will open on Sunday, July 7th! Until then we will share a few more tidbits about the game with you and, of course, release the new player handbook!
Who is ready to return to the Orchid Cottage or join us for the very first time?
The Northcott Gala 2 is a four-day larp event set in the magical world of College of Wizardry. Instead of taking place at a school for magic, adult witchards of the wealthiest and most hexborn heritage gather in one of the family estates.
The main themes for this game are Family & Tradition, Wealth & Privilege, Discrimination & Politics and, of course, Magic. Inspiration comes from the Victorian Upstairs-Downstairs structure, with a strong focus on the difference between those of high class and their servants.
And this time it comes with a heavy dose of cozy christmas vibes.
When? February 13th-16th 2025
Where? Haidburg, Süderlügum, German/Danish border
Upstairs Ticket: 225€
Downstairs Ticket: 175€


13 - 16 Feb 2025


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