The Good Grief


25 Nov 2023

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Rådhusplassen 1, 0037 Oslo, Norvège

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The Good Grief!
– A LARP inspired by “What We Do In The Shadows” (2014, and the ongoing TV show from 2019).
Every tenth year The Nordic Vampire Court of Grievances, a jury of wise and experienced vampire elders, convenes in a town on a rotating schedule in order to hear out the petty and trivial grievances of vampire kind. Or, at least that was supposed to be the plan.
From before even the first meeting, things went straight to hell in a contaminated blood bag.
No wise and experienced Vampire Elder actually wanted the rather dubious honour of presiding over this kind of shit show. In fact, the “honour” was so unappealing that special titles had to be created in order to shift this odious duty onto previously ambitious threats, annoying cohorts, or embarrassing failures.
Over time the Elders have subtly but irrevocably removed themselves from any kind of responsibility to the Court of Grievances. As a result, any openings on the Court created by unfortunate “accidental” deaths and disappearances of council members are dealt with by the not very ceremonious voting in of an unwilling victim by the general vampiric populace. Of course, with the Elders having washed their hands of the whole concept, the Court of Grievances finds itself with a budget that is less than ideal, often resulting in an interesting locale and set up. The standards have slipped so far from the original intention that the event has now been stuck with an affectionate nickname, “The Good Grief”.
And all that was before the Werewolves started taking an interest. At first it was just one or two, showing up to relieve themselves in the topiary and cause trouble. Then it started to grow as the wolves turned up to defend themselves from accusations – “The Byåsen Pack have been digging up my aunt Hildebrand when she’s sleeping to take photographs of her to sell online”, “The Ekenäs Pack broke into my house and held a day party, there are cigarette burns in the sofa!”. These days you won’t manage to hold a Court of Grievances without a solid representation from the were-community.
Where: Trondheim, Trykkeriet Scene (not wheelchair accessible)
When: November 25th 2023, from kl 13.00/1 pm to kl 23.00/11 pm (including on-site briefing, a game pause (for food) and afterparty)
Tickets: 400 NOK (we are looking to offer some tickets at a reduced price)
Participants: 20-50
Age: 18 (16 with parental permission)
Language: English
Sign up will not be ‘first come, first served’.
The world of The Good Grief! is parallel to our modern world. Some of the characters are more aware of modern tidings than others, some ignore the fact that the world and society has evolved since 1773.
You can play either a vampire, a werewolf or a familiar.
Atmosphere and playstyle: Campy, satire, comedy
This is a vampire and werewolf one-day larp but forget all the poise, mystique, and majestic creatures you know from games like World of Darkness. Our creatures of the night are still pompous brats but they are also very tragic and petty, in fact they are very human.
This is a comedy larp with over-dramatic tones in the style of the What We Do in the Shadows movie and tv-show. There will be some silly elements akin to Monty Python, some quirky more akin to Discworld, and a hell of a lot more tragic.
This is also a reunion larp. You know, the awkward and awful school reunions we hate to go to. Petty plots are very welcome but the overall mood is more fun and atmospheric than political and plot heavy.
The event usually goes like this; some mingling with friends and frenemies, a council meeting with more bureaucracy than effectiveness, then ending in a party (a new fad called discotheque!) with games no one wants to play but everyone wants to win.
Create your own character!
You write your own character from anywhere in the world and history. We are here for you if you need any help.
Costumes and props!
Costume demands are low but try and make sure you show off your identity. If you want to go all out, please do! Fangs, ears and tails are optional, although everybody speaking with a lisp is just part of the flavour!
Let the silliness unfold.
Stay fangtastic!
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