The Forbidden history

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The year is 1986 but in some places, it is as if time has stood still. At St. Theodora’s College in Poland, hand-picked students experience a place of academic excellence, pressure to perform, intense curriculums, as well as antique ideals and vestiges of old.
The Sign-Ups for the Forbidden History are now open! They will be open until 23.59 CET on the 20th of August.
Some basic information:
When: 15th to 20th October, 2024. A little over three full days of active play time, in game at all times. Participants will need to be on location at 9 AM on the 16th of October at the latest, but busses from Berlin will arrive late on the 15th. Workshops start at 10:00 on the 16th.
Where: Czocha castle, Poland.
Visit the website at to read about the larp and sign up.


15 - 20 Oct 2024


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Czocha Castle
Czocha Castle

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Atropos Studio
Atropos Studio
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