The Five Kingdoms 2024 – Run 2


The Five Kingdoms is a fantasy live action role-play game set in a world designed by Joshua James Smith. The original game ran from 2015-19, and from 2020 on will be set 10 years on from the events of “Season One”.

We’re taking our inspiration from the classic look and feel of such great fantasy films and games as The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Dragon Age, Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter Nights, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Baldur’s Gate. At EYELarp we want to give this new redesign and season of The Five Kingdoms the bigger, epic fantasy vibe it deserves. 

As always with EYELarp’s FilmSim games, we are encouraging high production values and will be striving for a cinematic feel and look to everything we do.

The main rule is: react to everything and don’t expect a specific reaction.


It has been ten years since the relighting of the Urn of Seragol at Harkers Lodge, sending Leomass’ forces to the winds; his legion crumbling to dust and those under the sway of his dark magic released from their shackles. The Five Kingdoms rejoiced: peace and light had been restored. Seragol, once again in the hands of the Dwarves; the Realms of Bal’moor and Ba’nott began to bear the fruits of their labours; the Elves slowed on their need to leave the lands and began to work to heal the dark forest; and the Orcs with their new Chief, the Great pale Orc of the mountain, were at peace and unified once more.

Harkers Lodge became a beacon of hope for the Five Kingdoms. Pilgrims, adventures and folk of all walks of life make their way to the urn to feel its light cleanse them and feel the strength of the few that had a hand at relighting it. It didn’t take long for the Guilds to move to Harkers Lodge and use its placement on the edge of the Kingdoms to make a profit.

During the last ten years the leaders of the Five Kingdoms and the Guilds have looked closely into the issues of magic; researching deeply into what Leomass had power over and how his underlings wielded such gifts. They sent investigators to look into the accidents which took the great Archmages during the days leading up to the lighting of the Urn. Priests and Templars of Val’riddeon across Ba’nott received messages from their Goddess that Her Gift was being exploited. Two laws were passed “for the safety of all” – anyone showing signs of the Gift should join the Hedge Guild, and anyone caught using magics from the three banned Spheres shall be taken by The Hand or killed on sight. Those banned are the Demonic Sphere, the Parasitic Sphere and the Abolitic Sphere. It didn’t take long for this to become a witch hunt, causing many powerful mages to flee or risk being killed by their own villages and towns. The Hedge Guild is now the only safe haven for magic uses.

With the tenth anniversary of the relighting of the Urn approaching, the dark forest creaks and moans. If any could understand them they’d hear whispers of necromancers returning, monsters lost to history making their way out of the forest and much, much more…


29 Nov 2024 - 01 Dec 2024


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