The creeping Night Larp

Imagine that you have a secret. It’s not difficult, because everyone has them, after all. However, your secret should under no circumstances come to light, because it can endanger not only you, but also those around you. So this peculiar fear of discovery, of consequences, accompanies you every day and makes you go as far as you would never expect of yourself.
And this is one of the shades of our story, although not only about secrets it will treat. We will also tell about people, their fears, dilemmas and the consequences. About how fear can evolve and change due to circumstances. About how a small community can understand its normality and how destructively the outside world can affect it. About the struggle for a sense of security and how differently it can be understood.
We want you, the players, to be able to submerge deeply into the characters, together experiencing a story that will take you into an intricate world of fears, moral relativism and allow you to discover in how many ways normality can be perceived. We create the game in such a way that you will experience the anxiety of your characters through the dense atmosphere of the larp that can be felt with all your senses.
We are planning an intense, moderated larp in which we want to give you very specific experiences and emotions. All this is set in a reality inspired by the Witcher world we know so well, created by Andrzej Sapkowski and developed by CD Projekt RED games.
The first international run of The Creeping Night larp
date: 22-25.08.2024
location: Wioska Fantasy, Kuńkowce
players number: 72
players’ age: 18+
price: 460 EUR
more details:
larp guide:…/1vn…/edit
Discord server:
larp guide: coming this week
characters: TBA
sign-up: TBA


22 - 25 Aug 2024


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