The Children of the House – Run 2

In August 2025, we want to invite you to join us for our “Piranesi” inspired larp
A larp about surviving in a tight-knit community of few individuals in an inhospitable other world that consists only of The House – endless halls filled with statues, the ocean in the lower and the clouds in the upper halls. Here, The Children have learned to live in superstition and gratitude in The House that provides hardship and Endless Beauty.
Sign up opens in August / September of this year. Save the date!
Two runs in August 2025 – following different time schedules to accommodate for early birds or night owls and their respective sleep rhythms.
Night Owl run: August 16th-19th 2025
Early Bird run: August 21st to 24th 2025
Played by 26-30 players plus Crew in Pałac Lubinicko, Poland (2.5 hours drive from Berlin)
The game is played in English and requires you to be 18 years or older.
We are still working out the budget and are trying to make it as cheap as possible for a larp with only few players. (Which is hard.)
We promise that this will not be a 600€ larp – more info will follow soon!
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21 - 24 Aug 2025


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