Something ends, something begins – The Witcher larp Run 2

Something ends, something begins – The Witcher larp
International runs by Efimeral

A low fantasy, social and political larp within The Witcher universe.

We have already organised 2 runs in Spanish, and we will run 2 more in November (already sold out). Now we would like to do two runs in English in 2023 ?

Two possible runs:
– February 24-27, 2023
– March 3-6, 2023
Spots: 40 players per run
Tickets: see in the game guide
Please note: International runs are longer than Spanish runs.
⚔️Basic game guide⚔️ [updated]
You will find all the information you need in this document. Please read it carefully to be sure you understand the experience, as it’s organised in a Mediterranean play-style.
Find the sign-up & casting process on page 15.
⚔️Are you interested? please fill out this interest form⚔️
This is NOT a sign-up form. This is only to keep you updated once the sign-up is open and it will help us to plan the best logistics depending on the interest.
⚔️Do you want to see some pictures?⚔️
Check our website (Spanish only for now, look for the galleries):
You can also check our Instagram:

⚔️Do you have any constructive feedback or questions?⚔️
Please write them here or email us at: ?
This larp is organised with Holocubierta, the Spanish publisher of the official The Witcher Pen & Paper RPG.

The event is finished.


03 - 06 Mar 2023


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Carrer Verge del Pilar, 08650 Sallent, Barcelona, Espagne

Equipe Orga


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