Portal 11


16 – 18 Jun 2023


Budapest, Eötvös u. 10, 1067 Hongrie

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Portal 11 Larp Conference
16-18 June 2023
?️ Budapest, Hungary
CALL FOR CONTENT: https://forms.gle/Rr51NBF7dqFVRDWM9
Open now until 21 March
EVENT SIGN-UP opens 22 March
The event is co-financed by Erasmus+
Step through the portal and enter the world of live-action role-playing at the PoRtaL Larp Convention in Budapest. This is your chance to explore the mythic tree of larp, with roots that delve deep into the past and vines that reach out to connect with other forms of participative storytelling.
Join us as we journey through the history and inspiration of larp, and consider its place in adult education. With workshops, panels, and communal activities, there is something for every larp enthusiast at this conference.
Portal 11 is a unique opportunity to connect with other larpers and discover new perspectives on this exciting medium. Don’t miss out on this journey – join us in Budapest in 2023!
Take your chance to connect with like-minded people and discover new ideas and techniques for creating and running successful larps.
See you in Budapest in 2023 – the PoRtaL awaits!
?Free entrance (registration required)
?Contribute as a speaker or volunteer
?Register from March 22!
Portal 11 – Program Branches
?Origins and the histories of larp
?Traditions, cultures, and play styles of larp
?Inspirations and changing practices of larp
?Protolarps and participative media that came before larp
?Cooperation with adjacent fields of immersive storytelling
?Theatre, immersive theatre, Drama in Education
?Living history and historical interpretation
?Experience design, ARG, LAOG, transmedia, and escape rooms
?Psychology, therapeutic use of larp
TREE NURSERY (Education)
?What can we learn while larping?
?Larp in education & adult education
?Larp in learning, in- and outside of schools
?Design for educational purposes, edu-larp design
?European educational opportunities in larp & Erasmus+
?Larp and research & artistic research, larp and academia
TREEHOUSE (Larp Design)
?World-building, story, plot, narrative
?Character creation and relationships
?Game mechanics and meta techniques
?Player agency and player safety
?Workshops, debrief and de-rolling
Program Branches (text)
Let’s take a trip back in time and explore the origins of larp. What were the early experiments that led to the creation of this immersive form of play? What are the traditions that inspire larp designers today? We’re looking for program elements that dive deep into the past of larp, uncovering the themes and inspirations that have driven us forward.
While larp may be a unique form of storytelling, we’re not the only tree in the forest.
Join us as we reach out and connect with other forms of immersive experiences for instance immersive theatre, ARG, Drama in Education, living history, escape rooms and transmedia. What can we learn from these different approaches to storytelling? How can we build on these connections to create even more engaging and transformative experiences for players? We are looking for program elements that showcase larp adjacent fields, methods, and experience.
TREE NURSERY – Education branch
At Portal 11, we’re continuing our journey of exploring the place of larp in the world of education & adult education. How can larp be used to teach new skills, foster creativity and build community? We’re looking for program elements that showcase the educational potential of larp and provide practical advice for designing and running educational larps.
TREEHOUSE – Larp Design branch
Designing a larp is like building a treehouse: a creative and challenging process that involves crafting a unique and immersive experience for players to climb into and explore. This branch is focused on exploring the art and craft of larp design. We’re looking for program elements that cover a wide range of design topics, such as world-building, character creation, mechanics, player agency, and player safety. Whether you’re an experienced designer or just starting out, we welcome proposals that share your knowledge and insights into the design process and help us grow this arborescent world of play.