OUTLAW – Episode 3: Prime

Episode 3: Prime

October 11th – 13th 2024.

Welsh Drive, Eversley

Tickets price £100 with a £60 part-payment until the 10th April 2024.

Please see booking details below.

Capped at 40 players & 20 Crew

Story So Far

Whispered discussions in ale houses…

Letters entrusted to squires to take to the very outskirts of the Angevin Empire…

Notes left in hidden knotholes in marked trees of the wild forests…

A rebellion is brewing. Will you stand with them?

Autumn 1201. The tourney at Gloucester did not end as expected. Instead of welcoming the young Lord Gilbert de Clare into the fold of the rebellion, he instead turned the rebels in to the Sheriff of Gloucester, leading to a frantic retreat over the border to Gwent moments after the grand melee.

All was not lost in failing to secure Earl Gilbert’s support, however – the loyalties of other lords and their retainers were revealed to the rebels, some of whom had been part of the rebellion for longer than they had been.
Chief among these was Lady Isobella of Gloucester; a cousin of Gilbert’s who had been working on turning his allegiance for some time, and was deeply frustrated by the ham-fisted results of the exiled lieges in attendance. Her reasons for hating King John were obvious – he had recently divorced her in favour of a French Princess, and as a favourite daughter-in-law of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, Lady Isobella was in the very centre of the dowager Queen’s inner circle. With her trust, and that of her retainers Dame Rowena and Friar Hal, she is sure to be a key figure in helping the outlaws undermine her former husband and replace him on the throne with the heir of Richard the Lionheart.

Accompanied by Prince Llewellyn ap Iorweth and his lover, the Lady Joan – herself a bastard daughter of King John – the pair were wed and the Prince took all the outlaws north, through the Welsh Marches to his Principality. Gwynedd was not their final destination however. Llewellyn’s uncles, Princes Rhodri and Dafydd ab Owain, had been a thorn in his side all his life. Bringing a group of notorious rebels and outlaws into the court at Bangor would only serve to put fuel on the fire of those who preferred the traditionalist uncles to Llewellyn’s more forward-thinking ways. Bringing home a wife who was an Anglo-Norman princess was bad enough!

Thinking to keep them safe, yet close at hand, Prince Llewellyn has cunningly organised aid from his cousin, Sir Madog. Madog’s lands of Powys Fadog are small, but his loyalty to his kinsman is without doubt. He has secreted the outlaws in the building works that he hopes will secure his soul in heaven; the Cistercian abbey of Valle Cruces in Llangollen, where foundations are beginning to be laid. With the influx of pilgrims to the holy site, as well as workers and tradesfolk of all types, a few additional “pilgrims” will not be noticed.

In the last month or so of late summer, Llewellyn has sent messages requesting aid of all those fighting fit in the abbey, to assist him in repelling northmen raiders from the isles to the north. His uncle Rhodri is assumed dead after one of these raids, and every sword or spear in the hand of an outlaw is one more that proves their worth to the people of Gwynedd, and shows the possibilities if they were to take the Marshal’s side.

[OC Note – you may choose to have spent some of the last month fighting Norse Pirates who have been raiding the north coast of Wales, with ad-hoc bands of local fighters and serjeants]

The game will run from Friday 11th  – Sunday 13th October 2024

Registration will be open from 17:00, with a safety and game brief will be at 20:00

Time in will be:

21:00 till 01:00 Friday,

10:00 till 01:00 Saturday,

And 10:00 till 13:00 Sunday


11 - 13 Oct 2024


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