On Location


The location is the Château du Premeriet, in Port-Saint-Père, France. ​Depending on player requests, a bus will be arranged at the Nantes airport (NTE) and at the Nantes central train station. The Nantes airport has direct flights to 82 locations in Europe!

​Accommodation & ACCESSIBILITY

You will mostly be sleeping in single or double beds in comfortable shared rooms, on the first or second floor. There will be two dorms with a larger number of beds, and several rooms for two to three people.

There is no accommodation on the ground floor, all rooms must be reached by staircase. Furthermore, all the entrances to the building require a few stairs to be climbed. Therefore the larp is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Showers and bathrooms are shared between all guests.


On Location will be played and organized in English, and you will need to have a conversational level of English to take part. The organisers also speak fluent French however and, based on this first run in France, we will explore the possibility of running a second event in the same location in French.

​The characters can come from France, or elsewhere in Europe, or further afield, as you wish – you will decide your own character’s origins. So the use of bits of non-English languages for character colour is perfectly OK, as long as you make sure that all significant interactions take place in English.


The ticket price for participating in On Location 2022 will be 200€. This will cover accommodation for the three nights, and all food and drink during the larp. It will not cover transport to the larp (however a bus will be organised for those interested, to be paid for separately).

We will continue the On Location pricing which included the option of paying for higher priced ticket – this helps to subsidize a place for a larper who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford the ticket. These subsidized tickets will cost correspondingly less, but their numbers will be limited according to the amount of subsidized tickets that are bought.

The event is finished.


23 - 25 Sep 2022


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Château du Pré Mériet
Château du Pré Mériet 44710 Port-Saint-Père

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