Never Ever After – Run 1

The sign ups for ‘Never Ever After’ are open!
“Never Ever After is a larp where fairy tale figures are confronted with mortality and their end.
Players will take up the role of a conceptual fairy tale figure that lives in a fantasy world inside the head of a brilliant writer who caused a great revival of fairy tales in this era.
However, the writer is confronted with young dementia and he is slowly forgetting the beautiful characters, places and events he created in his mind. The characters will find this out, will try to find a solution (and fail) and will have to come to terms with their end. They will go out accepting their fate or resist it to the bitter end.
This LARP handles the 5 stages of mourning, confrontation from immortality to mortality and personal drama between characters.”
You can sign up here:
There is also a link on our website to sign up.
The sign ups will be open for a full month and it is not a 1st come 1st server basis.
We will not start casting before the sign-ups are closed.
No payments are due before casting is done.
Practical info:
Dates: 7-9 and 28-30 November (Friday 12:00 – Sunday 11:00) 2025
Sign-up period: 10th of June -10th of July 2024
Location: Fletchter Landgoed Hotel Renesse, Stoofwekken 5, Renesse, Netherlands
Number of participants: 35
Language: English
Price: 595 euro Sponsor / 495 euro normal / 295 euro subsidized


07 - 09 Nov 2024


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