Miskatonic University – Run 4

– MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY University – Shadows Over the Campus, pre-register for free
We are excited to announce the new Chaos League big production: an unique larp that takes place in one of the most majestic and fascinating castle in Europe.
This is the story of a group of faculty and students searching for a truth that has remained hidden for millennia, as they confront their deepest fears.
The larp focuses on university campus life during an exceptional event: the opening of the sarcophagus found in the university’s basement. Classes, workshops, lectures, sports, cultural clubs and more make up the day at Miskatonic University. Friendships destined to last a lifetime, bitter rivalries, loves, and unnameable discoveries await you within the walls of the legendary campus.
Miskatonic University is a story about knowledge and its limits, ambition, hatred, fear, love, power and unspeakable horror.
WHERE: Kliczkow Castle, Poland (bus roundtrip from Berlin)
PARTICIPANTS: 80-100 per run
FEES: From 350€ to 550€ (payable in installments)

The event is finished.


15 - 18 Apr 2023


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Kliczkow Castle
Kliczków 8, 59-724 Kliczków, Pologne

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Chaos League
Chaos League
Chaos League