Love and Duty 2024 – Run 2

The sign-up for Love and Duty 2024 has now opened! It will be open for all of November.
Love and Duty is a larp set in the Regency era, but it is not a romantic regency larp. It is not about playing Austen heroines, or happily ever afters. Instead, this is a larp about social realism, rather than the romanticized version we so often see portrayed. It is about family, duty and virtue.
Love and Duty is a non-profit Nordic larp organized by Atropos and Lu Larpová. Participants will play either one of the upper-class guests (Upstairs), or one of the servants working at the house (Downstairs).
The Quick Facts:
What: A Regency larp for 36 players
Where: Gutshaus Groß Markow, Germany.
When: Run 1: 13–17 November 2024, arriving on the afternoon of the 13th.
Run 2: 20-24 November 2024, arriving on the afternoon of the 20th.
How much: Upstairs: €500, Downstairs: €250. This includes your food and lodgings.
Language: English.
Age limit: You must be 18 or older to attend.
Sign-up opens 1st of November.
More detailed information, as well as an overview of changes made from the previous run, can be found on our website:


20 - 24 Nov 2024


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