Legion : Siberian Story – Run 32

Legion: Siberian Story tells stories of war, homeland, heroism, and people in a time of crisis. It is aimed not only at those interested in the time of the First World War, but also at everyone who wants to experience strong stories of everyday people.

Legion is a high-production historical larp by the Czech association Rolling. The story is set in Siberia in the time of the Russian Civil War, within a unit of volunteers, separated from their army and forced to march through a no man’s land to get to their countrymen and maybe finally home. The players will take roles as fictional Czechoslovak Legionnaires and the civilians who joined them.

The game takes place during a realistic 25-kilometer hike, over two winter days. Physical discomfort is part of the game experience, as are strong emotions. We recommend reading through Practical, Safety, and FAQ in detail before signing up. The larp is suitable for players of all age groups above 18 and players can choose characters regardless of gender. Before the game there will be several hours of intense preparation, which will help you get ready; we will also provide a place to sleep each night, costumes, weapons, and food.

Every run lasts from Thursday around noon until Saturday night.

We have already organized 30 runs of Legion and we would like to thank all our participants and all the helpers that made it possible. If you’d like to see what some of them looked like, go to Mementos.


24 - 28 Jan 2024


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Legion : Siberian Story
Legion : Siberian Story