La Madrina – Run 1


14 – 16 Oct 2022



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Présentation du jeu

La Madrina is a mafia larp inspired by well-known movies like The Godfather, GoodFellas and Road to Perdition. The plot is roughly based on a real incident that has already occurred several times in a similar fashion in the history of organized crime.

We slip into the roles of three competing mafia families in 1930s New York. The Italian mob rules the city’s streets, but the chaos of the economic crisis and the approaching end of the prohibition forces the families to break new ground and cooperate with each other in the process.

Personal goals and the shared past of the three Italian immigrant families will have a significant impact on the course of negotiations and matchmaking among them.

It’s dangerous to go alone ! Take this

Votre arsenal est-il complet, du chapeau jusqu’au fourreau ?

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Tag Team Larps

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