Krystalivm: Voices in the Dark (field mission)

“Get inside the facility silently and explore it. Gather only what’s crucial for further research. Eliminate witnesses. Blow it up to cover traces.”


Orders were simple: you must infiltrate the enemy’s underground research facility and grab what can be important. Your unit should move quickly and avoid detection as long as possible. You don’t know how much time you have before someone notices your presence. You will probably have to fight like hell on your way out. That’s why you left most of the fancy stuff behind you and took only what’s crucial. Use your experience and the limited gear the Headquarters gave you. But when you see the dark silhouettes of the facility staff, you wonder – did you remember to pack your morality..?

Krystalivm: Voices in the Dark is a step away from the main storyline, and tells a story of a crucial mission happening between the first chapters of the trilogy. It’s a smaller game focused on action and exploration under stress and time constraints. The outcomes of players’ actions still impact how the story unfolds and what happens not only at this larp but also in the later chapters of the main storyline.

The field mission event is open to both returning players and people entering the world of Krystalivm for the first time. You don’t have to participate in the main trilogy to play Voices in the Dark, but it might be also a great way to join it!


22 - 24 Nov 2024


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