Krystalivm: Horrors of War

Krystalivm is planned as a complete trilogy, but one can join at any point, as each chapter is a self-contained story. If you want to join Project Firestarter, we have prepared a path that will let you jump straight into action. If you are already a part of Project Firestarter, be prepared to be surprised, as the second chapter will bring some more twists and challenges to your character’s journey.


With Krystalivm, we want to tell an impactful story that touches on themes relevant to today and plays out in a world of our own making. Krystalivm focuses on topics and events, both large and small, as well as individual fates within a world torn apart by an endlessly-raging war.  You can read some more about the event on our website.


What’s included? 

  • an elaborate character with a background story, motivations, and character connections for the new players;
  • character and world development briefings for the returning players;
  • taking part in plots, events and activities prepared by the organizers;
  • scenography, props and special effects, access to basic make-up materials;
  • logistics and technical service, background characters enhancing your play portrayed by Krystalivm crew;
  • 3 nights in a shared or double room at Moszna castle, which will be exclusively booked for the larp;
  • 8 meals prepared by the castle restaurant;
  • rental of part of your character’s uniform vest and side cap with the option to buy them before or after the game;
  • photos from the larp and in-game portrait of your character taken by a professional photographer.


07 - 10 Mar 2024


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Ajout Orga


Czocha Castle
Czocha Castle

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