Jacobite! II “The Betrayal” Run 2

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This is a game set in Scotland in the 1720’s. An historical based LARP with characters who existed at the time of these events. These games focuses of the Highland clans of the Clan Chattan and those who are related, and the plot is based on real events, but it is not a re-enactment event and players are able to affect the outcomes of the games whoever they are. Players are able to play lairds or ladies, factors, merchants, lawyers, soldiers and servants. They will be called together at the house of one of the characters to decide important matters and share information relevant to the plans of the Jacobite clans and for the cause of King James III. The game is an intense personal and political experience where loyalties are tested by betrayal, ambition, and honour.
This all takes place at the wonderful Treowen Manor in Monmouthshire in the UK, a 17th century house that has retained a great deal of its historical character.
Join us for the next episodes in March 2024
Jacobite! Episode IV & Jacobite! Episode II Run 2
Event details.
Jacobite! IV Title TBA
March Friday 15th to Sunday 17th 2024 Treowen Manor Monmouthshire.
Jacobite! II “The Betrayal” Run 2
Friday 22nd to Sunday 23rd March 2024 Treowen Manor Monmouthshire.
These events lead on from the previous events, but you don’t have to have played in any of the previous events to have a relevant and enjoyable character.
Players can arrive from the Thursday after 6pm on the 14thor 21st and depart Monday by 10am after the second event.
There will be pre-game introductions and workshops from 2pm and then Time in will be from 1800 on the Friday until Sunday Morning….
Players will also be able to stay at Treowen in between events if they are playing both events and until the Wednesday morning after the first event for an additional £10 per night, which includes a breakfast.
Tickets are as below for each game.
6 Luxury Tickets for those who wish to have a double room with a four-poster bed. 3 rooms available in each game £240 per person. (Your character does not need to be a laird to take this option, but you will have to share a bed)
22 Standard Tickets at £190 per person. These will be shared rooms of 3 or 4 with 1 or 2 being on camp beds and there are also 3 rooms with 2 single beds/bunk beds for couples or good friends.
5 Servant Tickets at £160 per person. These will be for full characters who will be lower class characters who will be expected to help the game organisers serve meals and serve other players during the day, (hence the small discount), but they will not be asked to help cook or clean up and they will have plenty of time to play their characters.
Tickets include accommodation, IC food during event, of breakfast, lunch, and dinner,
and OOC Lunch on the Friday.
Breakfast on the Fridays will be self-service cereal or toast as we don’t want to be cooking all morning.
Coffee and tea and soft drinks and a snack box will be available at all times.
There will also be red and white wine, port and whisky included in the cost for the Evening Meal on Saturday, and you are welcome to bring your own beer and whisky, or other drink if you prefer….
Each Event has 33 player places so the first 33 people who send a deposit for each event will be offered places. If you haven’t played before that doesn’t matter. A role will be found or created for you to your preferences. This will be done after we have filled the games up.
Booking Details.
To book a place please send a £40 deposit by 24thMay 2023 via PayPal to mark_chilvers@hotmail.com or transfer £40 to M Chilvers sort code: 20 90 91 Account: 43491676.
Once you have sent a deposit, please message me on Facebook by sending a PM or friend request or join Jacobite players page Jacobite Players | Facebook. You can also email me at mark_chilvers@hotmail.com. Please specify if you want a Luxury, Standard or Servant ticket.
Timetable for next events.
Deposits to be sent by 23/05/2023.
New players will be asked to fill in a form with their player preferences for things like, the type of role they want to play good, bad, honourable etc. Also if you wish to be in groups with friends and accommodation preferences. This will be done by 30/06/2023.
Casting. I will see who I have got in which game and begin to cast and plot.
I will announce the cast by 31/07/2023.
Character backgrounds and plots will then be written and sent out by 31/11/2023.
Final Payments 01/12/2023
Sort accommodation and travel over the Xmas and the New Year…
March 2024, the games begin.
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22 - 24 Mar 2024


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Treowen Manor
Wonastow, Monmouth NP25 4DL, Royaume-Uni