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The year is 1721. The Pirate Republic is no more. Calico Jack and Mary Read are dead. Blackbeard’s head adorns the entrance to Chesapeake Bay as a warning to all who would call themselves “Pirate”. The last armada of free people in Nassau sailed together and was crushed, without mercy.
Of the gross of ships who once stood against the might of the British Navy, now only a handful remain. Limping away from the final stand, and giving succour to those survivors left to drown in the Caribbean Sea when their ships sank beneath them, they follow a map to Blackbeard’s last gift – the location of an island unknown to the British Crown.
From there they might create a new Nassau, free of Kings, Empires and the shackles of “Civilization”…
As you may have gathered, Hoist The Colours is EYELarp’s new Pirate game, replacing our long-running Buccaneers of the Damned which ended in 2021.
Unlike Buccs, HTC is set in a more real 1721, after the fall of the Pirate Republic of Nassau. Players will portray those pirates and revolutionaries who tried, and failed, to stand up to the might of the British Navy in a final stand. They may have sailed with historical personalities in their careers, but now all hope is lost, along with their ships in the bottom of the Caribbean – almost.
Blackbeard’s last gift to the other members of the Pirate Council – led by Hornigold, Jennings and Teach – was the location of an island, off the beaten track of the main shipping lines, and written off on all official maps as “inhospitable”, something Teach himself paid an East India Company cartographer to keep that way. It may serve as a base from which they can rebuild, albeit without the panache and theatricality of Nassau, for now at least, until they can rebuilt, recruit and make Woodes Rodgers and the rest of his ilk shake in their boots once more!
As with all our games, Hoist The Colours is set on a fictional pocket of history to allow all potential players to have fun with the early 18th Century aesthetic without worry of discrimination based on “historical attitudes”. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and any language or attitudes of a discriminatory nature are not welcome at our event.
We have taken some cues from the successes of Bindrune and Flying Lead: Smoke & Brass in the way character generation will be done, with distinct classes that prospective players will choose from that encourage visually distinct characters with lots of room for the low-rules roleplay that EYELarp is known for. To find out more about character creation, check out the design document link on the sidebar.


28 - 30 Jun 2024


08:00 - 18:00

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