Hades 2.0 2024

Welcome to the other side

Hades is a game of what happens next.

You play characters who have died and find themselves in the underworld. The Underworld is not a place of hope or joy. Religion got it wrong. There is no heaven, no hell, only purgatory.

Alternatively you play a character beta testing a high tech heaven .

The themes of Hades are horror, personal obsessions, connections and coming to terms with the things you can’t let go of.

As the game has such emotive themes, crew tickets are not put on general release – if you are interested in crewing please get in touch at judasgameslarp@hotmail.com


25 - 27 Oct 2024


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Gunman Eversley Alpha
UK, The Welsh Dr, Eversley, Hook RG27 0QB, Royaume-Uni

Equipe Orga

Eye Larp
Eye Larp
Eye Larp
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