Gulag: Eagle Thirteen – Waypoint Three


21 – 23 Jan 2022


Camp Bravo
Camp Bravo, Fleet Road, Eversley, RG27 0PY, United Kingdom

Présentation du jeu

FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents:
Gulag: Eagle Thirteen
Waypoint Three
January 21st – 23rd 2022.
Gunman Airsoft Camp Bravo,
A327 Fleet Road,
Tickets priced at £85 for the Early Bird with a £45 part-payment until the 8th December 2021.
Tickets priced at £95 with a £55 part-payment from the 9th December 2021
Please see booking details below.
Available for 40 players and 25 crew.
Story So Far
Well done! You’ve been given the whereabouts of Waypoint Three – I can tell by the crows and pests that it hasn’t been an easy journey for you. Stories come to my ears of Bloomers being lead by a larger more intelligent one! Sounds to me mother nature has got her own Pied Piper.
I say don’t be heroes, just get on with your chores, focus on surviving  and being the best you can be for the Baltic Block to accept you and get you sent to Waypoint 4.
Igor will give you some free advice. Waypoint 3 is a Hub for trade but not all deals a (View Full Event Description Here:

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