Good People of Languedoc


09 – 12 Nov 2023

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Présentation du jeu


  • The authentic atmosphere of a medieval town, with all its joys and worries, including its dark side.
  • A weekend in a medieval castle
  • Authentic cuisine
  • The chance to enter a medieval society that is vastly different from our own.
  • Friendly, playful and experienced organisers ensure smooth running of the game. We do this because we enjoy your company.
  • Costumes will be provided. (If you’d like to wear your own costume, please consult with us about it.)
  • Well-thought-out characters that have been refined over seven previous runs of the game
  • Professional photographers will take stunning costume photos of you.
  • We will be glad to pick you up at bus station in Jihlava, Prague airport, or Brno whichever will be the best possible option. (see Design document)


  • It is not a game focused on winning
  • You won’t be creating your own characters; we will provide characters with deep backgrounds for you.
  • The roles are not gender-neutral, as we will be portraying a medieval society that is often intolerant, patriarchal, sexist, and homophobic. These themes are even included in the scripts of some of the characters.
  • It’s not a larp battle
  • The plots aren’t transparent; many of the characters have various secrets to play with, and there’s an element of surprise when revealing them.
Good People of Languedoc

Equipe Orga

Good People of Languedoc