Giovanni – The Last Supper – Run 2024

Giovanni: The Last Supper is a narrative game of vampires and mortals, a story of darkness and light that provides players with the opportunity to engage directly in the age-old tradition of collaborative storytelling. You will step into the role of an immortal vampire or a human seeking to survive – even if survival means becoming one of the very creatures that have brought you here to this auction.


This is a roleplaying game set during the Renaissance. Each player creates or chooses a character within the setting. You do not need to know anything about the time period before signing up, we have constructed a page specifically for you:

The Setting

If on the night(s) you cannot remember something about the world, the era, about vampires, or even if you just forget something you think your character should know- no worries. That’s absolutely fine. We are all warm and friendly people and it’s common to not know things. During game hours if you are anxious or just stuck unable to remember something that’s come up in conversation, perhaps about the time period, a vampiric thing, or even your own brief, just say The day sleep clouds my mind. This signals to the other player(s) to just move on. Say this whether you’re playing a vampire or a human. The humans have had to snooze through most of the day too, after all. They’re tired from the night.

The mythos of how our vampires work – and how vampirism functions for sunlight, feeding, physiology etc – is based on the vampires from the World of Darkness game series, specifically “Vampire: The Masquerade” classic (or “old”) edition. Don’t know what this is? Don’t worry! We have a page to brief you. Please read it even if you are playing a human, because you will undergo the metamorphosis during the game to become a vampire


06 - 10 Nov 2024


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