Four Pillars : Sacrifice E2 2024

Please note – this event will take place directly after the Online Social ‘Negotiations’. You do not have to attend the social to attend this event.
Negotiations in the West between the Council of Ásaterra and Western Independence is tense. The Expeditionary Force is invited to celebrate talks between the two in Ishall, Capital of the West. However, things move in the shadows… While you’re not there on official duty, it might be worth stocking up on supplies, just in case any Ne’er-do-well crash the festivities!
((The dates of the Event IC are the 9th to 11th Corn Moon))
– OC Information –
The date of the event is August 9th to 11th
If you wish to arrive on Thursday, you MUST let a Ref know ahead of time so they can organise attendance.
You may arrive at the site from 12pm on Friday.
If you are struggling to find the site entrance or arrive and find no one to greet you, call Oscar on 07398160129.
Player brief and weapons check will be at ~5:30pm
Friday 9th:
Time In: ~7pm
Combat Ends: 10pm
Timeish: 11pm
Saturday 10th:
Time In: 10am
Combat ends: 10pm
Timish: 11pm
Sunday 1th:
Time In: 10am
Time Out: ~3-4pm.
-The Site-
Penwood, Newbury, Berks, RG20 9EH.
Please enter the site through the gate on Pound Lane. It is next to Treasure Hill House, Newbury.
This can be found on google maps at: – or just copy these coordinates in: 51°20’50.8″N 1°21’01.3″W
This can also be found using What3Words; the location is ‘clattered.picnic.narrate’
Please note that there are animals on site, primarily horses. Please do not feed animals anything at all as it can seriously harm them. Horses have a very sensitive digestive system and seemingly harmless foods can cause major damage and even death.
This event is entirely self catered. There is not a kitchen on site, but we will have places to set up camp stoves, and will leave breaks between encounters for lunch and dinner. There are several supermarkets in Newbury, which is a 10 minute drive from the site, as well as a service station (including a McDonalds) a 3 minute drive away, and a 35 minute walk.
There is no tavern, but you can bring your own alcohol, which can be consumed after 10pm when combat encounters have ended.
NB: This is a nut free event.


09 - 11 Aug 2024


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