The Forbidden History


18 – 23 Apr 2023

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The Official Story

The year is 1986 but in some places, it is as if time has stood still.

St. Theodora’s College itself is located in a castle in Poland, shielded from the public. There, the political turmoil of the outside world passes without notice. At the college, hand-picked students are faced with two very different, and sometimes conflicting, realities.

The official story, the facade that everyone upholds, is that the school is strictly focused on personal development and academia. That it is through dedicated excellence that the enrolled students shape their future and their path ahead. The students are encouraged to engage in philosophy and ancient literature, in Latin and Greek, in architecture and art. They are also encouraged to have close and personal relations with the eccentric teachers, hand-picked by the school staff for their original and thought-provoking teaching methods. Only through these connections can the students find themselves and find a place in a world that has been placed at their feet.

Student clubs and study groups are common and many of the students themselves have a passion for discussion and debate.

But, there is another part of the school that no one speaks about in the open.



18th to 23rd of April 2023. Three days of active play time. Participants will need to be on location at 9:00 on the 19th at the latest, but can arrive on the 18th. Workshops start at 10:00 on the 19th.


Czocha, Poland. The castle is a modern hotel.

Participants: 100, including 14-16 teachers.


There will be a bus transport from one or several airports, to and from the larp that you can buy. The exact times will be given at a later date.


Sign up is open, click here to open the form!

Sign-up starts at 20:00 CET on July 17th and lasts until 31st of July at 23:59

The process we use will be a combination of casting and lottery to distribute the spots for the larp, for player balance and a good distribution of different players. Everyone who signs up in the first two weeks will be in the same lottery pool.

The sign-up form is there to ensure that we get a good distribution of players for teachers and students, as well as to ensure we have a safe play environment for all of our participants.


We use a payment method with several different options, depending on what you can afford.

Payments will be due the 1st of October, so there is no rush.

They are:

Subsidized – 320 €

Subsidized – 420 €

Standard – 590 €

Sponsor – 700 €

Sponsor+ – 820 €

Atropos Studio

Equipe Orga

Atropos Studio

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