Flying Lead : Nightmare 2024

Flying Lead: Nightmare is Film Sim game based in an alternative timeline of Flying Lead: Smoke & Brass, a game based in the Wild West of America in the 1880s.

We’re taking our inspiration from the classic look and feel of such great Westerns as The Magnificent Seven, A Fistful of Dollars, and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and more modern interpretations of the genre like Maverick, Deadwood, Godless and Westworld, and games such as the Red Dead Redemption series.

As always with EYELarp’s FilmSim games, we are encouraging high production values and will be striving for a cinematic feel and look to everything we do.
The main rule is: react to everything and don’t expect a specific reaction.

Nightmare is set in an alternative timeline to that of Smoke & Brass. Based in 1880 America Civilisation rolls in from California and Nevada in the West and Texas and Colorado in the East; the Wild West is becoming smaller and smaller by the day. People in droves move about this great nation, looking for their fortune, their own piece of the American dream.

News comes for a small-secluded mining town of Liberty Falls in the state of New Atlanta where a new vein of the purest gold has been found and they require more hands to help make this mine larger, meaning more hands to work it, more hands to protect it and of course where there is gold there’s going to be ways to spend it.

Why you character has come to Liberty Falls is your business – you could be trying to claim a little bit of the dream, make a better life for you and yours or just trying to stay hidden and what better way then being in a mine.

We’ve chose the setting and the use of a fictional state – New Atlanta – to allow us to be creative to the stories and not so closely tied to historical accuracy.

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01 - 03 Nov 2024


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