Evermist Society – episode 1 (ENG run)


19 – 22 Oct 2023

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Présentation du jeu

Live action experience – is it better than reading a book, playing a game, or having an RPG session? Check it out yourself!
Evermist Society is a 3 days live action game experience in a world where exist not only humans, but also supernatural beings – beasts, elementals, and others. All magical beings and people who come into contact with magic are under the rule of the Evermist Society, and they must pass one of its colleges to learn how to use their powers.
Polish language run 12-15.10.2023
LARP Kikimora Production
Team: Anna Łunkiewicz, Bartłomiej Starypan, Julia Syczewa, Katarzyna Stopa, Marta Salamon, Paulina Mech (Przyb), Tomasz Lewandowski (Lewy)