Eclipse – A New Home

????A major new Chaos League production, a deep and thrilling Sci-fi Drama, inspired by genre masterpieces such as “Interstellar” and “The Arrival”, set in a planetary base with gigantic domes and working technology reconstructed to the smallest detail on an 18,000 m2 area.
Set in a near future where planet Earth is rapidly becoming uninhabitable, “Eclipse – A New Home” tells the story of a group of explorers and researchers on an alien planet where an extraordinary encounter will change them forever and will force them to face their fears, hopes and contradictions.
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???? Dates:
RUN #2 [ENG] -> 2-5 May 2025
???? Location:
Alvernia Planet, near Krakow, Poland
????‍????????‍???? Participants:
150 per run


02 - 05 May 2025


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