Daemon (NL) – Run 1


03 – 05 Nov 2023


Broholm Castle
Broholm Castle Broholmsvej 32 5884 Gudme  Denmark

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Présentation du jeu

The Authority – this world’s God – is dead. He has been killed by bold and visionary people and amongst them were some of you. Others were on his side. You will play scholars, low nobility, scientists, nomads, people formerly of The Church or people identifying as witches to celebrate the victory and explore the possibilities under the new world order. The soldiers are returning from the war on The Authority, and the world has sunk into a collective state of disillusionment and for some; euphoria. Imagine the divine entity that was as natural a part of your life as breathing the air around you – gone.

Some of you helped bring him down; a frail, pathetic being holding humanity in his grasp with false teachings and zealots doing his bidding. The Magisterium, the harsh church of The Authority, is no longer and you will be forced (more or less willingly) to question all its teachings. But now another problem has occured. The Magisterium dropped bombs filled with white powder many places in the country as a last, desperate act. Some scientific instruments are measuring strange phenonema and there are rumours that the power affects the bond between human and Daemon. Therefore, the ones of you who have not been to war, have been kindly offered by Parliament to come to the Blackett estate and remain there with some of the country’s top scientists until further notice so they can ensure that everything is alright. There is probably nothing to worry about but you have all taken the invitation.

Lady Philippa Blackett has welcomed everybody in question with open arms since she has already planned a marvellous weekend to celebrate the war heroes. Her brother Lord Edward was an officer that was killed in the war, and she is overjoyed to offer a free space for science to look into matters never previously investigated. She has also insisted that you celebrate the victory of science and free will with some of the returning war heroes calling it “The birth of the scientific age”. To be sure, the soliders will need help processing the horrors of the war and perhaps their own actions and a little party should be a good start to help with that. Also, there is a sense of ecstacy amongst those of you who will enjoy a new regime, and a proper celebration as well as marvellous toasts to the fallen are in order as well as discussions regarding the new world order.

So, you have accepted the invitation for different reasons.

Some of you seek conciliation.
Some come to seek answers.
And some come to start a new world.


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Daemon Larp