Daemon 2025

Daemon is here in a cheaper location in Denmark, January 2025!
Daemon is a collaborative Nordic larp that focuses on the connection between a human and their manifested inner self or soul in the form of an animal – the Daemon.
The core vision for this larp is to experience this connection. You sign up in pairs but not as family, lovers or anything of the sort – you are two parts of the same being.
The plot explores the aftermath of the War described in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials books, though you don’t have to know details about the universe to participate. None of the characters named in the books are playable or mentioned.
The War is over, the players’ characters have to move on, and deciding what that means to them is the meat of the play.
Practical info:
Dates: 24th at 12.00-26th at 12.00 of January 2025
Sign-up period: 13th of March-14 of April 2024
Location: Axelhus, Boelsmosevej 41, 5874 Hesselager, Denmark
Number of participants: 28
Language: English
Price: 250 euro sponsor/190 euro regular/75 euro subsidized
No payments will be due until casting is complete.
If you want to hear some thoughts about the design after the playtest, you can watch Katrine Wind’s talk from Knutepunkt 2021 – it starts at minute 31:10:


24 - 26 Jan 2025


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