D8 larp – survive the apocalypse!


25 – 28 May 2023

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Survive the apocalypse with us! We invite you for an international run of D8 larp created by Jakub Barański and Mikołaj Wicher, and produced by LarpVenture.
D8 is about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, nostalgia for what’s lost and an attempt to build something new on the ruins of civilization.
D8 gives players space and tools to co-create the most gripping story possible and impact their character’s plots.
D8 has the structure of a tv series, shows the focal points of the story, omitting mundane activities and the time passed on them.
D8 is a chocolate box larp – you choose what you want to experience with your character at a given moment and what story arc will you form.
You will create a character close to your heart, experience your character’s loss during the apocalypse, and find their place in the new reality.
date: May 25-28, 2023
location: Iłki Holiday Centre
players number: 30-70 people
players’ age: 18+
ticket price: 1 300 PLN (~276 EUR/ 242 GBP/300 USD)
tickets: https://bit.ly/ticketsD8en
Jeśli interesuje cię edycja polska – sprawdź tutaj: https://www.facebook.com/events/3418803848380694/

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