Cycon 2081 – Cyberpunk LARP


26 – 29 May 2023

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Pfadfinder Gars am Kamp
Pfadfinder Gars am Kamp

Présentation du jeu

The world is dirty, the world is bad and you’re in the middle of it!
Welcome to cyberpunk.
classic, dystopian, dirty and conflicted cyberpunk. A typical “high tech, low life” scenario. Inspired by Altered Carbon, Dark Angel, Ghost in the Shell, Neuromancer, Edgerunners and many more.
We play a subculture of anti-heroes who fight for survival in the slum against un-scrupulous corporations, corrupt politicians, violent gangs and greedy underworld syndicates.
Technology has evolved. It is better, smarter and has changed society as well as the people themselves. Many are no longer satisfied with the limitations of a natu-ral body. They augment – enhance – their bodies with cyberware to be more than human – stronger, faster, smarter.
Megacorporations are the new superpowers with their own jurisdiction, their own territory, their own currency.
Money rules the world, but most people barely get by and would do anything to make their life a little less hard.
Style over substance. Attitude is everything. Live on the Edge.
PreParty 25/05/2023
Scale 2 until 31/01/2023 195€
Scale 3 until April 31, 2023 225€
Conpayer on side 265€
social Tickets available
Multi Lingual Game (primary English / German)
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Equipe Orga

LARP Österreich