Chronicles of Mythodea

The Chronicles of Mythodea is a four-day live action role playing event that you spend in your own tent and provide your own food and drink.

It is our second spin-off event of the ConQuest of Mythodea, the world’s largest LARP, after “Jenseits der Siegel”.

Like the ConQuest, Chronicles takes place in the fictional world of Mythodea, where an eon long ancient conflict rages between the five elements of creation (fire, earth, water, air and magic) and their corrupted counterparts.

While the great summer campaign (ConQuest) advances Mythodea’s larger story and decides the fate of the whole world in epic battles, Chronicles offers more space for background stories, individual fates and individual adventures.

Here unfinished ConQuest stories are further developed and often brought to conclusion. Although there are also numerous battles, the focus is increasingly on puzzles, hazards and the history of Mythodea, which can be experienced up close and in person!

The event is finished.


05 - 08 May 2022

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Bundeszentrum Westernohe
Bundeszentrum der Deutschen Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg Bundeszentrum Westernohe Zum Weitstein 50 56479 Westernohe Germany

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