02 – 06 Sep 2023

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Park ‘Eigen Wizje’
Park ‘Eigen Wijze’ Schoterpad 1 8314 RA Bant

Présentation du jeu

Bruidsprijs, International run, 02 – 06 September 2023.
Sign up opened today!
A Dutch adaptation of the originally Swedish ‘Brudpris’ and its later follow-up ‘Brudpris: A few years later’Bruidsprijs is an international, English-speaking LARP that tells the story of the Mo: a secluded people who live in a strict gender-segregated honour culture.
Every so often, when enough children have come of age, Mo villages will meet in a communal event called the Commencement where the old discuss important matters, the young are adopted into adulthood, and eligible daughters and sons are matched and married.
We have room for 59 players and the regular ticket price is €. 420,-
To sign up:
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