Blood and Sand

Welcome to blood and Sand

A Ludus LARP about Passion, Sacrifice, and Glory!

A Blockbuster event in which Theatrical-Combat

methods will be taught InGame.


Our LARP is inspired by Gladiator and Spartacus and focuses on the gladiators’ scenery and drama in the life of a slave, trained to entertain. 

You will learn the secrets of the arena and vie for a chance to be selected for one of the best Ludi in the known world.

Starting as a slave, you will learn how to fight, but not just win – rather make your crowd cheer.

As a Gladiator, you will develop your stage character and learn how to get the best out of yourself as a show fighter.

Thrown into this huge Ludus, you will re-live the drama of being a slave, torn away from your family, country, and culture, cast among others such as you.


20 - 22 Jun 2024


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