Beyond the Seals 2022

eyond the Seals (JdS) is a 6-day LARP event to which you bring in your own tent and self-catering. There is also the option to book a tent with us or eat at a street vendor’s. It was our first spin-off event of the ConQuest of Mythodea, the world’s largest LARP, before the Chronicles of Mythodea.

JdS is a self-catering camping con from 07.06. – 12.06.2022 and takes place around the Scouting Grounds of Immenhausen near Kassel, in Germany.

Like ConQuest, JdS takes place within the fantastic world of Mythodea, where an ancient conflict between the sacred elements of creation (fire, earth, water, air and magic) and their dark counterparts rages.

While at the ConQuest and Chronicles this conflict is directly dealt with in the form of warfare and is always in the center of attention, the focus at JDS is more on the smaller and quieter stories that make the world believable and lovable.

Beyond the Seals is all about the settler groups who have made the continent of Mitraspera their home in recent years and have shaped their daily life and politics of the country.

At the same time, the Convent of the Elements is celebrated and a variety of game incentives are created within the arena, tavern & city simulation.

JDS is definitely “cozier” than the other two events and impresses above all with its high level of ambience, game density and its family friendliness.

To register for a seal, banner or group, the coming quarter manager (Viertelmanager) on Skald will be used. We will keep you up to date via Facebook and on

The event is finished.


07 - 12 Jun 2022



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Zentrum Pfadfinden
Zentrum Pfadfinden 34376 Immenhausen Allemagne

Equipe Orga


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