Adventurers Academy – Year 1 Dimension 1

???? Dungeons and Dragons meets The School For Good and Evil in our new adventure! Choose the path of Creation or Destruction, train with your adventuring party, find your One True Nemesis – and face your bigger-than-life destiny at the Adventures’ Academy! ????
???? INTRO ????
In a world ruled by the dichotomous powers of Creation and Destruction, and the Gods who represent these aspects, there are the Chosen Ones – people who can reach greatness by fully aligning themselves with either of these forces. And as greatness can mean great good or great evil, those people have the possibility of becoming a true hero – or a pure villain. There is just one place where they can work to unleash their full potential: the Adventurers’ Academy.
Nobody knows for sure when the Academy was founded or by whom. There are some who say that it is as old as the Divinities; others believe that it exists beyond time and only appears when destiny calls for new heroes and villains to be forged. Whatever the truth may be, one thing is certain; only those whose fate is bound by a prophecy will find their way there…
Adventurers’ Academy is a multi-episode larp about heroes and villains at the beginning of their journey towards destiny. With personal prophecies in their hands and the weight of expectations on their shoulders, they step into the hallways of the ancient Academy to be trained as Adventurers – starting at level 1.
???? LARP – WHAT IS IT? ????
Larp (Live Action Role Play) is a type of interactive activity in which people play roles of fictional characters in real life, within a specific setting and plot. The event combines acting, story-telling and gaming elements to make the experience exciting, and together with costumes, props and scenography allows the participants to fully immerse themselves in the universe provided by the organizers.
???? WHEN? ????
October 10-13, 2024
???? WHERE? ????
Czocha Castle, a defensive border castle located in the town of Sucha, in the Polish part of Upper Lusatia. One of the best-preserved castles from the first half of 13th century. Learn more about it:
⚙️ WHO RUNS IT? ⚙️
Adventurer’s Academy is organized by Wonderlarp, a foundation dedicated to creating and promoting larps as a form of culture, entertainment and growth.
???? LIMITS ????
Age: 18+
Language: English only
Tickets available: 120


10 - 13 Oct 2024


08:00 - 18:00

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Czocha Castle
Czocha Castle

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