A MidSummer Disco – Nights in Emerald City – Run 2


15 – 18 Jun 2023


Quelque part en Allemagne
John-F.-Kennedy-Platz, 10825 Berlin, Allemagne

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Présentation du jeu

You have long yearned for it. The sweat on your back, the neon lights disturbing the smoke-filled room like sharp edged razors. Our lungs are smoke, our feet stomping on the ground to the pulsating base like the heartbeat of a thousand stories, a thousand ideas bursting aflame in bright beams of neon and glitter. We write the year 1983 and Emerald City welcomes you.
A Midsummer Disco – A queer 80s Fae LARP
Save the date:
???? Run 1: June 10th-13th 2023
???? Run 2: June 15th-18th 2023
Run in Zeitz, Germany.
Sign up will open in a month or two.
Poltergeist Larp

Equipe Orga

Poltergeist Larp