A meeting of Monarchs – Run 1


07 – 10 Apr 2022

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Château du Boisrenault
Château du Boisrenault, Bois Renault, 36500 Buzançais

Présentation du jeu


The year is 1520. Two of the most famous Kings of Renaissance History are meeting for the first time. Henry the 8th of England and François 1st of France welcome you to the Field of The Cloth of Gold.

The Field of The Cloth of Gold is one of the most celebrated and luxurious political events in European history. During this event, both kings will bring their courts to the French countryside to celebrate their friendship and renewed peace. However, things are not as simple as they seem, and Kings have volatile minds. Not to mention, every royal person, noble and courtier, is out to chase their own eager ambitions no matter the cost.

Become part of the French and English courts at the dawn of a new era where political intrigue, outrageous decadence, and insatiable sins await.

Charmed Plume Productions

Equipe Orga

Charmed Plume Productions

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